Shelf Criss-Cross

Alluringly playful and open-minded! Shelving that is ready to keep Your secrets. Everything is accessible, but only You know where everything is. With this puzzle-like shelving You will add dazzle to Your home and leave Your guests gasping for breath.

Smaller set includes 4 pieces with six tenon (length 146 cm), 4 pieces with four tenon (97 cm), 2 pieces with three tenon (72 cm) and 2 pieces with two tenon (48 cm). So all together 12 pieces. 

Larger set has the same details in double. All details can be mixed together. The distance between two tenon is 25 cm, the shelf depth 24 cm. On the sample picture the larger set with white film plywood, height and length is 223 cm.

Made of 12 mm birch plywood, white film or 16 mm oak veneered plywood. It is also very environmental friendly shelf - for waste there is only very small piece of refuse. You can connect the shelf to the wall with the small metal fittings attached.

Shelf Criss-Cross was nominated for Estonian design award Bruno 2018.

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Price starting 349.-

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