Furniture wizards at your service

Radis was founded in 2010 as a family-based furniture design and production company in Tallinn, Estonia, North Europe.


Our materials are environment- and people-friendly. We care about the environment and avoid production waste creation. 

Valuing Handwork

Most of our products are handmade. Every piece of furniture is assembled according to your wishes. 


Our design language is modest yet memorable. Radis furniture personalises homes and offices.

Component Strength

Our furniture is produced using birch plywood which is a natural, unpretentious, durable material. As finishing, ecological, pure oil wax is used. All drawers and cabinet doors close silently and softly.

Your word matters

All our products are made to order. You choose the colours and we combine components jointly. Only you know your preferences and we promise to act accordingly. And deliver it with Dacher in 2-4 weeks all over Europe, including Switzerland and Norway! And for Your confidence we have free returns!

All the products are produced in Tallinn, Estonia. Please have a look what kind of place with fresh ideas and independent minds it is -

Raul Abner

Self-taught furniture designer who shapes high flung ideas into practical applied arts.

„For over 40 years wood has been my passion, hobby and work. I have not studied design, but it is said that I have a good eye. No product of mine has been created because of itself but hides behind it a clear idea and need.“

Veiko Liis
Shelf LIFT designer
"The furniture around us could be practical and ever be changeable as needed over time. Playful solutions do this thing more interesting."

Sylvia-J. Annus 

Design Office Jokoko, designer of table EDI
"Good design is based on need. A well-designed product makes our life easier, happier and more logical. "

Sirli Ehari

Shelf IVI designer

"I have graduated from the Estonian Academy of Arts of product design profession and am a member of the Estonian Association of Designers."

Mauri Abner 

„In the year 2010 we started as a family company producing and selling garden furniture. Quite soon we discovered that we have more to offer and we „moved inside“. Our furniture is simple, smart and unique with a Nordic line. We mainly sell our products to customers in Germany, France, UK, Austria, Netherlands and Finland.“

Radis is a member of Estonian Furniture Industry Association and Estonian Chamber of Commerce and Industry.